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Sabtu, 16 Januari 2016


The contribution of Indonesian researchers in international journals is still far below those from neighboring countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand while the frequency of research activities conducted in Indonesia is above those countries because the number of researchers are plenty. This means, the majority of the research results are not published or published only in national research journals in Indonesia and very few of them are published in international journals.

One reason why only few Indonesian researchers publish in international journals especially in English is because of their weakness in English academic writing. However, although the improvement of English language skill of Indonesian academics has been and are being encouraged, Indonesian researchers need knowledge and skill in organizing their idea/information in their research articles (RAs) in terms of the rhetorical style. Their RAs must be acceptable for the editors and reviewers of international journals on content and rhetorical style so that the opportunity to be published in the journals becomes greater.

This book attempts to help Indonesian researchers both those in the universities and in other government institutions adjust the rhetorical style of their RAs into the rhetorical style acceptable in English in order that more and more of them can be published in international journals.

Safnil Arsyad MA., Ph.D. is a professor in Applied Linguistics in the Study Program of English Education, Department of Languages and Arts, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Bengkulu University. He has published in several international journals including Journal of Multicultural Discourses, Guidelines, International Journal of Linguistics, The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, Journal of English and Foreign Languages, Guidelines, Asian ESP Journal and The Australian Review of Applied Linguistics.

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