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Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

The World’s Richest Islands of West Papua under International System in the 21st Century - Amatus Douw

The West Papua’s silent misery in Indonesia like “Gold in deeper soil you cannot see from outside but you only can see from inside after you dig deeper then you will touch and find your targeted gold”. The root case is unsettled and West Papuan core desire is still unachievable, multiple problems are mourning while multiple interested parties competitively play key role just making the situation more solid. Their 54 years plea for world assistance has been neglected despite a little wider attention after big aware of slow genocide and human rights tension in this respective territory in the 21st Century.

A world key leader recognised where the key case is place to be. In 2011, United Nations General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon stated: “West Papua case should be discussed at Decolonisation Committee”

This book is a very concise content and provides some critical insight about the realities on what the challenges, failures, opportunities and strategies in delivery foreign aid and world global agenda on the benefit of West Papua’s state nation building with a massive globalisation constrain. Writer describes the global community groups’ interaction and their behaviour (international and regional governmental groups, multinational corporation, individual states and other Non state actor) has been dealing to West Papua’s affairs under Indonesian rule.

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