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Senin, 16 Januari 2017


Since komodoens animal which is inhabit in Komodo Island of West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province of Indonesia is set as the seven wonders in the world, this place has become the destination of the world and domestic tourists. They come to enjoy the panorama and some wonderful tourist objects in this place. They want to enjoy the beauty under the sea, the nature, and the uniqueness culture of it. Recenty, this regency is visited not only by the touris but also by the people who want to invest thir capital in this potential place.
This situation of course brings the direct positive impact for the society especially for West Manggarai people. This condition creates many opportunities and also the challenging for the society in this place. The real challenging is that about the mastery of foreign language especially English. Mastery of English is very important. Why is it important? English is the most common use by the people in the world. Mastery of English enables us to communicate with many people surrounding the world as this used by entire people in the world.  So the foreign tourists who love travel will no worry because they believe that the peole around the tourism objects are able to communicate in English. 

Realize the importance of English for West Manggarain society especially for the taxi driver, clerk, medical personnel, police, waiter of the restaurant, motorcycle driver, concierge, the distric leaders, atc; we try to write An Applicative English Dialog Book. This book is set by applying interesting stories about how the readers communicate with the tourist easily.

This simple dialog book applies the applicative English, the way of conversation with the foreign tourist to the most tourist objects in West Manggarai. This book may used by all peole and could become the practice guidance in communicating with foreign tourist.
We do realize that the dialog content of this book is still far of perfectness; so I really expect all the constructive inputs from the readers. At the end of this brief foreword I wanna empazize that all the characters in the content of this book are fictive and I am very sorry if there has the equals name with the readers.

We do hope that this book is usefull for entire society because this simple book also teaches about the values, honesty, manners, and also the cultural aspects while conversation and serve the guests; And every currency unit of money that they take out of course it gives more contribution for our place.  

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